Mariusz Ciesla · Product Designer

Mariusz Ciesla · Product Designer


Product Designer and Design Lead with over a decade of experience in the field. I spent most of my career moving up and down the product stack - from front-end engineering to product management and back, which helped me learn to build bridges between stakeholders when working towards creating a user-centered culture.w


2020-now: Lead Product Designer & Design Manager,

I rejoined Lilt in 2020 to help them build out a design function in their phase of growth. This included working on aligning the design principles across Product & Marketing, building out a Design System, as well as growing the Design Team. In this role, I was also partially collaborating as an IC on ongoing product initiatives with my Product Management & Engineering counterparts.

2016-2020: Visiting Lecturer, AGH University of Science and Technology

I got invited by the newly founded UX faculty at my former alma mater, AGH University of Science and Technology, to do lectures about visual design, design systems and data visualization.

2014-2020: Head of Design, anynines

I joined anynines to help grow their existing visual identity into a bigger, more coherent idea, and worked between design and marketing on growth design initiatives, as well as supporting the team with whatever design assets and initiatives were needed.

2014-2018: Co-founder & Product Lead, Lifetramp

I co-founded and led product & design initiatives at a platform that allowed people to try a different job for a day. We grew from 0 to over 20 thousand users, with bookings from all around the world. Unfortunately, due to struggling to secure funding, we had to wrap up the project.

2013-2020: Design Consulting & Freelance

Working with various small and mid-size companies on taking their idea and growing it into a real product that is being used by the users.

2009-2013: Lead Product Designer, Kanbanery

Kanbanery was founded as part of Lunar Logic as a platform to help people manage their software project. I got invited to participate as an early-stage designer, helping the team grow Kanbanery from sketches on a back of the napkin to a real product with real users.

2008-2013: Senior UX Designer, Lunar Logic

I was responsible for doing design and some UI-facing front-end work on Lunar Logic client’s projects. Got to work on some interesting problems with companies that later got acquired by likes of Facebook (ZenBe) and Spotify (SoundBetter)

2007-2008: Front-end Developer, Making Waves

Working between Kraków and Oslo with a wide variety of customers - from early stage startups to government platforms.


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Berlin, Germany


User research & product discovery
Exploring the problem space
User centered design: User interviews, contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluations, ethnography
Running design thinking workshops and design sprints
End-to-end product design - from user research, through flows, wireframing, pixels, prototyping, to engineer handoffs
HTML & CSS + Vue.js
Design & product leadership
Defining design process
Running design critiques and feedback cycles with stakeholders
Growing & managing design & product teams
Design strategy: metrics, goals, processes, operations
Design systems & design ops
Design tokens (Figma Tokens, Style Dictionary)
Figma Libraries
Design principles
Accessibility audits